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1) To walrus.

2) Making the sound of a walrus.
Walrus: "Chhk-chkk-chkk!"

Person 1: "What is that walrus doing with its tusks?"
Person 2: "It's walrusing, of course."
by Harumi Shizen January 29, 2011
1) Onomatopoeia of the sound a Walrus makes when it's walrusing/tusking.
Walrus: "Chkk-chkk-chkk!"
by Harumi Shizen January 29, 2011
1) To tusk. (Also see Walrusing.)

2) Onomatopoeia: Chkk-chkk-chkk

3) The action performed by a person with their index fingers in front of their mouth as if they were tusks, followed by the sound "Chkk-chkk-chkk".
Walrus: "Chkk-chkk-chkk"

Person 1: "Hey, that walrus is tusking! I can do the same thing! Chkk-chkk-chkk!"
by Harumi Shizen January 29, 2011
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