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A diet / work-out plan followed by a new dad, who wants to achieve or regain DILF-status
Tim knew that the summer was fast approaching, so he went on a DILF Diet to make sure he'd get as much attention as his kids when he took his shirt off at the beach
by Hartless December 28, 2009
A knocking style that is yours alone, identifying your presence even before the door can be opened
Keith: I'll get it - that's Dirk
Sean: How do you know? Were you expecting him?
Keith: Nope, but that's his signature knock
by Hartless May 25, 2009
The weight a person puts on when he moves to a more sedentary, surburban life
"Have you seen Tom since he bought his house?"
"Oh yeah - and you should see the suburbagirth he's got on him!"
by Hartless April 23, 2009
Named for Peter Spellos, a prolific B-list actor of unfortunate looks. Used to connote severe unattractiveness, bordering on the grotesque
"He's not just fugly, he's Peter Spellos Fugly."


"Where'd you find Spellos? Shit - you can do better than that!"
by Hartless February 13, 2009
Focusing sexual energy on more than one individual
Joe: Those chicks at the bar are pretty smoking!
Ted: I can't tell. I'm into the coat-check girl, and I can't multicruise."
by Hartless January 06, 2009
1) To give a really bad performance, in an otherwise stellar show
2) To suck on an epic scale
Tom: So you saw T4 in the theatres? How was it?
Bill: The effects were awesome, but Christian Bale termi-sucked as John Connor
by Hartless May 25, 2009
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