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If you are a Chinese girl or Chinese boy and you did not "seckill anything" this summer, you are really out of date.

The word "seckill" comes from the online game Legends. It is used to describe the strength of a senior warrior named Flaming Sword. He can kill an enemy within a few seconds. It has recently become a popular word used by game players, meaning defeating your enemy in seconds.

When associated with online shopping, "seckill" refers to the quick sell out of newly-advertised goods. If you look at the transaction record, you will find that each of the transactions is made in seconds. It sounds inconceivable but is the naked truth. This is called "seckill."

Dozens or hundreds of pieces of clothing are sold out within a few seconds and those who have not obtained a garment feel vexed. "Seckill" is the most popular online shopping method at present. This shopping mode is so named for its speed. Many garments, shoes and bags popular among youngsters are often "seckill" targets. Low prices, fashionable styles and limited editions are often associated with commodities which are "seckilled."
i seckilled a group buying of rafting.
by Harry_BX July 13, 2011

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