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1 definition by HarryStylesWifey

Jaisy is a girl who has the world's most randomest thoughts that you would love her just for that. Looking into her brown eyes make you fall deep in love immediatley. Jaisy is into having fun and not having a dramatic life. Though, many guys like her she settles as a friend status because she dosent want to ruin anything for them.
Jaisy: Hey people! People!
Girls: Hey Jaisy.
Boys: *Speechless*
Jaisy: Have u guys ever heard its rude to stare?
Boys: No.
Jaisy: Why is that?
Boys: Because of ur eyes.
Jaisy: Okay! Moving on! *Talks to girls*
Boys: *Stare at her hair*
by HarryStylesWifey May 10, 2012
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