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n. excessive Facebook activity related to one's significant other that is uneccesary and disgusting when it pops up on one's friends' newsfeed. Common examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Use of the word "baby" after every word written to one's significant other.

2. Making every status update about one's bf or gf.

3. Having full blown conversations under comments on a wall post, when you damn well know, you could have just picked up the phone and talked to them if you loved them so much.

4. Posting picutres of the two of you, even though they are blurry/you both look awful, just to prove you actually are in a realtionship that exists beyond your fb wall.
A-"Hey baby what are u doing later :) :) ?"
B-"Baby, not much baby. Want to get together?"
A-"Sure baby, sounds good. I'll call you later then baby."
B-"Love you baby <3"
A-''Baby see you in an hour baby."
C- "Enough with the FB PDA you two. Get a room."
by Harry Walsh March 07, 2010
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