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Someone who is full of hate. They get no joy of seeing sunsets, rainbows, dolphins, unicorns, etc. Usually involved in nigga moments. Says the word nigga in almost every sentence.
Person 1: Aw look, its a rainbow, isn't it beautiful.
Person 2: Nigga dat shits gay.
Person 1: You're such a fuckin Stinkmeiner.
#nigga #asshole #eat a dick #racist #spiteful
by Harry Scrotes June 02, 2008
The rationality that is only understood by you. Usually used when you say or do something that makes no sense.
Person 1: Why did the banana turn into a coconut?
Person 2: Why?
Person 2: That makes no sense
Person 1: Understand my rationality
Person 2: Which is?
Person 1: I'm an asshole.
#rationality #kyle #david #asshole #lame
by Harry Scrotes June 02, 2008
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