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The feeling one gets when excitedly watching Jim Harbaugh, football virtuoso, coach the hell out of the 49ers. Can also be used when brother John Harbaugh, Baltimore's head coach, induces similar such excitement.
"Did you see Jim Schwartz lose his shit after the Lions' first loss?!?"

"Yeah, man. I'm fully torqued right now!"

"Well, you better get to the doctor if that Harboner lasts more than 4 hours. It can cause serious damage."
by Harry Sasquatch October 17, 2011
A human sandwich comprised of Justin Smith and Aldon Smith, with either light or dark QB meat in the middle, whereby the dual outside forces are so great that it makes the QB go full retard.
"Ashkon's 'Niners in Paris' song is giving me such a Harboner! I hope the players are getting fully torqued off his song in anticipation of the game too."

"Same here... Mostly, I can't wait to see Eli get Smithwiched!"

"Me neither! He's already half retard, so going Simple Jack is just another Sunday walk in the park... Candlestick Park."
by Harry Sasquatch January 20, 2012

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