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8 definitions by Harry Sargent

To cover oneself with aftershave as an alternative to washing.
Student 1: Dude, the hot water's on the blink again!
Student 2: Fuck it, I'll just take a French Shower.
Student 1: Sweet
by Harry Sargent June 14, 2008
Description of a freeloader.
'To shout' is to buy someone a drink in Australia.

Wayne: 'Is it just me or does Jason go to the dunny whenever it's his round'
Bruce: 'Nah, that c*** wouldn't shout if a shark bit him!'
by Harry Sargent July 20, 2008
n. A person experiencing loss of sensation in the legs after an extended period of reading on the toilet.
Impatient restaurant patron: "If you spend any longer in there you'll become a pooaplegic!"
by Harry Sargent June 14, 2008
Something very bad or wrong.
Coined by Larry David on 'Curb your Enthusiasm'
"My daughter shaved her head today to look like Britney Spears"
"That's a bowlful of wrong"
by Harry Sargent June 29, 2008
Suffix indicating infinity repetitions. Mostly used as a means of winning an argument.

The 'eee' part indicates the increasingly high pitched sound of a word or phrase being repeated over and over.

The 'pop' indicates that the word or phrase has broken the sound barrier.
-You smell like a tart's hankerchief
-You smell worse
-You smell worse-eeeeeepop
by Harry Sargent May 23, 2008
(noun) A lazy person,

From the mammal of the late Jurassic and ancestor of the modern badgers.
This noble animal became extinct due to its excessive hibernation period.
"Get up you Badgerdon! you'll be late for work!"
by Harry Sargent May 20, 2008
(noun) A human exhibiting badgerlike qualities.

A two tone head, a fierce warning growl and a hairy back are all features of the breed.
"My husband refuses to share food and makes stange noises at night, I fear he might be a badgeridoo"
by Harry Sargent May 19, 2008