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A black female comedian with absolutely nothing relevant, interesting, or even funny to say. She makes up for an utter lack of personality and flair by adding an enormous amount of stereotypical black woman sass. Many white people, particularly Comedy Central executives, believe that this affected sass amounts to something, and laugh like morons whenever she says something.

Recently, after many failed entertainment ventures, she has attempted to leech off of the success of Dave Chappelle by trying to pass herself off as 'edgy' and shouting things like 'I'm Wanda Sykes, damnit!", a ridiculously pathetic attempt to copy the Rick James catchphrase.
When the hell will you stupid honkies ever learn? WANDA SYKES IS NOT FUNNY.
by Harry S. Truman October 27, 2004
A song by Tom Jones, Welsh god of music and dance.
Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're a sex bomb.
by Harry S. Truman September 21, 2004
Hasselhoff, David

A literal God among men.

Most well known in the States for his roles in Baywatch, Knight Rider, various cameos, and infamous popularity in Germany.

His finest moment was, by far, a role in the Star Wars knock-off Star Crash, in which he played the Prince of the Universe alongside a Texan robot, a porn star, the dad from The Sound of Music, and some random guy with the ability to see the future.

The move also features Space Cavemen, Space Amazons, and a giant space station shaped like a hand.

Go see it.
I'm not saying I'm gay or anything, but I would so do David Hasselhoff.
by Harry S. Truman October 27, 2004
Idea that conflicts should be resolved in the way that they are solved in bonobo society, which is entirely through sexual contact.

Bonobos screw gratuitously; males and males, females and females, adults and children. It replaces violence with sex, as opposed to normal Chimpanzees, which fight much in the way humans do.
According to the Bonobo Warfare theory, missiles would essentially be the same shape, but their function would be somewhat different.
by Harry S. Truman September 21, 2004
A word originally used to describe self-manipulation. It evolved into a description of what one intends to do with the course of the day, ie, to replace the common slang term 'nm'. It then completely degenerated into a word that, once said, would be repeated by every person within a twenty foot radius, reminiscent of the seagulls from Finding Nemo.
Person 1: Hey, why didn't you call me last night?
Person 2: Sorry, Jeff Goldblum was on A&E, and I had to MABATE!
Every person within a twenty foot radius: MABATE!
by Harry S. Truman December 15, 2004
A completely useless twit of a radio personality. Her time on AirAmerica is spent repeating three or four liberal catchphrases over and over again, then trying to get her guests to repeat them with her.

Don't waste your time. Listen to Al Franken or something.
Fox Executive #1: I have an idea! How about we put Anne Coulter and Randi Rhodes together in a small, dark shed with nails and shards of broken glass embedded in the walls! Then we'll load the shed into a dump truck and toss it into a large crevasse! We'll call it, "Two Down, Tons More to Go!" How about it?
Fox Executive #2: No. Hey, let's do a show about weddings. And The Simpsons are still funny.
Fox Executive #3: I hate you.
by Harry S. Truman February 07, 2005

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