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Someone who has a natural affinity with night. Insomniac, late night lover who burns the candle at both ends.
That bloke never sleeps, always creeping around at night. Definetely a surefire nighthawk.
by Harry Rass May 23, 2006
plural of ristal, alternative to trichomes or crystal.
Major ristalage on that number, a winner if ever i saw it.
by Harry Rass May 23, 2006
The crystal trichomes found on marijuana buds.
Check out the dense ristalage on that buddelage man.
by Harry Rass May 23, 2006
Usage originated in Scotland, tending toword the more northerly out of the way locales. Means bag.
Agnes: I'm feeling peckish, could murder a bogg or two of those wotsits, ya get me.
by Harry Rass May 23, 2006
A person who is a bit of a retard to say the least.
John: Did you see Paul dancing to Timberlake last night.

Dave: I was unfortunate enough to witness that spinebuster in action.
by Harry Rass May 23, 2006
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