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It started out as a little orphan boy named Harry. What it grew into was so much more. It started as 7 books about Harry Potter written by the talented J.K.Rowling. They turned the books into 8 movies. But the fandom goes above and beyond even that. There is a charity called the Harry Potter Alliance helping the world by using the power of Harry and his millions of fans. There is a music genre call Wizard Rock or more commonly, wrock. Its actually really great music. There are 2 fan based musicals, AVPM and AVPS which are hilarious. It helped create the Nerdfighters and helped many make friends. The merchandise out there is incredible. They have a new theme park. Many fanfics are out there. And so much more.Its shaped my life and I am sure I am not the only one. Its a never ending fandom because fandoms die when everyone stops loving it, stops being vocal about it. Harry Potter fans will, no, CAN'T let Harry Potter go. Its a life style. Muggles will never understand the pull of Harry Potter or the love but we know the true power of the Boy-Who-Lived and love.
Person 1- I don't get it, why do you love a stupid book so much?
Person 2- Harry Potter is so much more than a book. And I can't explain it, if you read Harry Potter, you would understand.
by Harry Potter fan for life January 23, 2011

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