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An automous region of China, it is home to a unique form of Buddhism and it is rich in culture. Tibet is also one of the fasting growing in population and economic growth.

It became the focus of protests against the Beijing Olympics back in the spring and summer of 2008.
Brainwashed Free Tibet people think that Tibet should be completely independent and they will even go as far as to justify the murders of the Chinese in Tibet.
Brainwashed CCP-supporters think that Tibet was ALWAYS part of China, when in reality, it was a part of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties as a tributary, it wasn't until the Qing Dynasty was when Tibet was full part of China. Also, the thing to think about it is that the Qing Dyanasty and the Republic of China were not as repressive or destructive towards Tibetan and Buddhist culture as the PRC communists were in the 1950s and 60s.
Despite political repressions and strictly regulated practice of religion and religious rights, the typical Tibetan is still living a better life from a socioeconomic standpoint compared to pre-1959 times.

The rational person would believe that Tibetans were both negatively and positively influenced by PRC consolidation.

Negatives- Much Tibetan culture was lost and destroyed by the Chinese communists, crackdowns on protests can be quite brutal, spiritual leaders cannot be freely chosen without consent from Beijing.

Positives- Vastly improved infrastructure, part of the diverse and power modern Chinese economy, lower class Tibetans have more freedoms.

Both the Free Tibet and Pro-CCP people fail to understand the importance of a good compromise, such as maybe Hong Kong/Macau-style autonomy for Tibet, the ability for the Tibetan Buddhist clergy to pick their own leaders.

Even the Dalai Lama Gyastso himself disagrees with complete independence.
Tibet is an long lasting and venerable culture. For many centuries, the Chinese and the Tibetans have had mostly good and mutual relationships until 1959, after the communists won the civil war in China, the Chinese PLA clamped down hard on the Tibetans. Compared to then, Sino-Tibetan relations has improved after the cultural revolution and the economic and political reforms of the 1970s but there is still much disagreement, the protests against the 2008 Olympics have brought out the bad blood between Tibetans and Han Chinese, but amongst the bickering, there was not much plan for compromise between the Chinese and Tibetans, not much shreds of rationalism.
by Harry E October 21, 2008

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