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as opposed to the Midas touch where everything touched turns to gold... the anti midas touches everything that turns to shit.

coined by B.A. Seale after living with the human farm animal known as Boomer, who could break, soil, or ruin anything and everything he touched.
Mark - Hey Brian, I heard Boomer ate all the taco meat, went out and got drunk, and then wrecked your truck over a telephone connector box and into the porch of some guys house?!

Brian - It's all true, he definetely has the anti-midas touch.
by Harry Day December 23, 2009
fuck islam
eddy - hey man, what you do'n in new york?

carl - i'm protesting the damn mosque at ground zero, FIslam!!!
by Harry Day June 14, 2010
the most absolute worst luck ever... EVER!!!

taken from the 1846 cross country trek to california by not only the Donners, but several other families, only most of the Donner's died, snowed in the sierra mountains, after mising making the mountain pass BY ONE DAY after months of traveling.

there were several families and even tho about half of the 80 + party died, the Donner's suffered the most... oh, and there were episodes of cannibalism.
Jake and Joe watch their friend Gerby fall off his bike and then roll down a steep hill into cactus.

Jake - Damn, Gerby could have at least stayed on the trail when he wrecked.

Joe - Yeah, but he has Donner luck, if he's gonna fall, he's gonna fall on the only broken glass or thorn bush within 50 miles.
by Harry Day February 01, 2010
any city dwelling human who totally relies on the service industry of grocery, restaurant, corner market or fast food to eat. . . and would be totally lost and eventually die from either eating raw roadkill or shot for stealing food from someone else if the service industry were to fail.

urbavores, though able to make meals, are unable to hunt, kill and clean any animal and most likely cannot grow their own vegetables or fruits properly, and would have died off even less than one hundred years ago.
Chuck - I see you went to McDonalds, again, for dinner.

Steve - I got the Big Mac with fries this time. . . the quarter pounder can be so bad for you.

Chuck - You are most definetely an urbavore. . . you're lucky it isnt 1859 or I'd shoot you in my garden. . . if a bear didn't eat you first.
by Harry Day December 28, 2009
synonyms - socialarrogants, libturds, libtardicans

a noun describing americans who still support obama and the liberal congress and all the unpopular BS they are ramming down the throat of americans.

derived from a combination of communist and americant (taken from a mexicant)
Lenny - Why are so many people down on Obama, he can't fix what Bush did over 8 yrs. in just his first year!

Sam - You g-damn Commericant!!! Don't you know the libtards have been in control of Congress since 2006 and Obama has riased the debt ceiling twice already?!?!?!?
by Harry Day December 22, 2009
like a blow job, only the performer is drunk and/or stupid and gives head to the gear shift in a car or truck.
Chet - Man, Betty was so plastered last night she leaned over and slobbed on my truck's gear shift all the way home!

Roy - What a blond job! Did you horse collar her?

Chet - Naw, I just let her think it was me, I got with Debbie out at the barn.
by harry day October 25, 2009
fuck hollywood
Dan - ya wanna watch Jay Leno?

Ben - What?! F-hollywood! They look down on everybody!
by Harry Day July 06, 2010

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