5 definitions by Harry Cocnbals

The most Beautiful chinese girl known to mankind. Her beauty is only exceeded by her intelligence. She is a very poised and sophistaced.
There are many stupid blondes to choose from but why would you choose them if you can have Debbie Z.
by Harry Cocnbals February 18, 2005
A stupid blonde girl who does not get whats happening 80% of the time. She needs to be reminded of what shes doing. She also does not know when guys from other schools are checking out her ass.
That bitch is such an Elaina person. Shes so stupid.
by Harry Cocnbals February 14, 2005
Female or male basketball centers that are FUGLY
Man that girl is definately the center.
by Harry Cocnbals January 25, 2005
Most beautiful girl ever. Her beauty is only exceeded by her intelligence.
Why have Anna Kournikova when you can have Debbie.
by Harry Cocnbals February 18, 2005
Someone who freeloads....Usually fat guys that date fourth graders while they're in the ninth grade. Some of these "sketchers" do not like to be called "sketchers" so they grab your clit and pull it to you face. If your a guy they will make you choke on their incredibly small cocks.
Sam:Yo!!Get the fuck away from me!!!!


Sam:Go fuck that fourth grader

by Harry Cocnbals April 11, 2005

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