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A place full of big headed inbred monkeys, who are only good for sheep herding. All of them have massive monkey heads and very small dicks.

John: wow look at that hillbilly!
Serb: I proud to be Serb. I proud to live in this MADE UP place called Republika Srpska
John: Are you proud of that big ass monkey head and your small penis?
Serb: But of course comrade. It is part of Serbian package.
John: What smells like wet wool and shit?
Serb: That be me. I get lonely out here by my self so I get busy with my favorite sheep,Zdenka
#serbian #republika srpska #zdenka #mokey head #serb
by Harry Berry October 06, 2006
A Serb will deny that he is a descendent of the Turks. But the truth is that all of them are just rape babies that the Turks left behind during the days of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Turks rolled through on horse back and fucked any Serbian pussy that they could find. This wasn’t hard because Serbian women like to give up their unshaved and untamed pussies as much as possible. They try to hide their Turkish heritage but if you visit the region of Montenegro you will see just how dark those people are. When I visited Montenegro I didn’t know if I was in Serbia of Istanbul!
Turk: Hello
Serb: Hello
Turk: You look just like me.
Serb: I know your great grandfather raped my relatives,
but dont tell anyone.
Turk: Ok, I wont tell anyone if you let me get with your
sister. Oh, what am I saying "let me" Ill just rape
that dirty pussy.
#serb #serbia #montenegro #dark #rape #rape babies
by Harry Berry September 19, 2006
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