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1. When a male seeks gratifying sex with a female without having to view her face. This can be any level or form of sex, including favourites such as spit-roasting, the chandler effect, 'harry'ing and skull-fucking.

2. A favourite past-time of selfish, mysoginisitc men. These men may often be referred to as "harry"s or "chandler"s, please see these entries.

3. Muzzle sex does not essentially require a muzzle. One may have muzzle sex while wearing a balaclava. The ultimate aim of muzzle sex is to avoid seeing an unattractive female's face. Research has shown women may look between 200-500% with muzzles. Muzzle sex is best achieved by taking the woman from behind.
Harry: I dig muzzle sex.
Belinda: But I feel like a dog...
#muzzle #sex #chandler #harry #dogs
by Harry's Asian Sensation November 12, 2007
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