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Noun 1. A female shirt/blouse which is tight around the breasts and proceeds to balloon out at the bottom like a circus tent covering their fat, like no one around can tell that they are trying to hide it. 2. To fool the male individual into thinking they are skinnier than they really are, especially at bars or after a male has been intoxicated.

Wow, you may think. Why if a girl is not pregnant, would she be wearing a shirt that makes her look so... HUGE!? I will go ahead and guess that the reason has to be that she has never had a guy come up to her and say, "Hey bitch, are you pregnant? No? Well than, why the fuck are you wearing that shirt?" Instead she hangs around with her other FAT friends and hears something like, "OMGGGG, that shirt looks SOOOOOOOOOOO cute on you!!!!"
1. Harrison: omg...

Mike: What?

Harrison: Their all wearing fat hiders...

Mike: lol

2. Harrison: WTF!!

Mike: Yea man I know! This bar is full of Fat Hiders!
by Harrison S. & Mike S. July 10, 2008

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