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1. A person who has renounced any normal human existence in order to spend all their time on-line.
2. A person who can only function on the internet. A person who's only place in "society" exists in said virtual world.
3. Someone totally unable to function without the aid of the internet, in that they justify their own views by locating only websites supporting these views.
4. A cyberhuman.
No one has seen Steven in at least five months. I wonder if he has turned into a briansouter? God, I hope not!
by Harrison Greeley III April 26, 2006
much above the ordinary or average. Excellent, splendid, clever.
Conan O'Brien's monologue was mierke.
by Harrison Greeley III October 18, 2004
A necklace fashioned solely out of cocks. A person who acts like you would imagine said necklace fashioned solely of cocks might act.
Jay Mariotti is a total cocklace. I bet he wears one to bed every night.
by Harrison Greeley III September 14, 2010
The very essence of awesomeness.
That beat, meaning the one that you just dropped, was phaint!
by Harrison Greeley III September 13, 2007
shortened version of the word fingerbang, which is totally mierke.
Donny and Ed used to talk about who they would fing as they passed their new piece from person to person.
by Harrison Greeley III January 12, 2005
A clit with testacles. Females with testaclits have balls, but no shaft.
Ann Coulter does not have a dick, per se. She is, however, the owner of a fine, fine testaclit.
by Harrison Greeley III November 18, 2010

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