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Its when a guys penis is covered in cheese (It can be any type) and then the girl licks it off by giving the guy a cheese blow job.
Me and Tits Mcgee had leftover cheese so she used it to give me a cheese job.
by Harris Benson April 06, 2006
Its when a guy basically fucks a girl every way possible (through the ear,vagina,nose,foot,tits,ect....).
Last night Seymour Gina fuckerized stacy in 20 minutes and thats a world record.
by Harris Benson April 06, 2006
Its when a man poops in the girls mouth, then he will smack her in the back of the head to make the poop flow out of her nose like a dragon.
Veronica and I made a black dragon last night and she got poop all over herself.
by Harris Benson April 06, 2006

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