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someone that is overly obsessed with BOOBIES.
*Gertrude fondles herself*
Lana: er that Gertrude girl is such a boober, but not as bad as that Minka girl. She should be imprisoned for what she's done, that girl is wack!
by harriet April 16, 2004
A female who is both a bitch and a bimbo.
Bonnie is such a bitchbo.
by Harriet April 28, 2004
a person who cant speak english very well would speak in zoo zooo
man: zooo ozoo zo ozo oz ooooz o oozooooz oooz zooooz oozoooz ooozooz, i cant really speak english very well.
by harriet March 30, 2005
Someone who bleeds out of their ass from an over dosage of ex-lax and is an ass.
Flynn is a bleeding ass.
by harriet March 16, 2003
something cool
that cat is the big nep tizzo'
by Harriet October 21, 2003
someone that is obsessed with boobies.
*Gertrude fondels her boobies*
Lana: Oi that Gertrude girl is such a fecking boober, not as much as that Reeta though, she should be imprisioned for what she's done.
by harriet April 16, 2004
a person that is obese.
Roxy: yo did you see that crazy Johnny Vegas on telly last night?
Harriet:Yeh sure did, he is one crazy fat garter.
by harriet April 15, 2004
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