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A hairy, unkempt or otherwise disgusting asshole, or peri asshole region. May involve shart residua, clingons, etc.
As Chachi knelt down to probe Sven's winking one eye, he was confronted by a dense thicket of hair and other unsavory items. Chachi urged Sven to scorch the earth of his messy backyard.
by Harold Balsagna October 23, 2006
A fag, homo, queer or otherwise same sex inclined individual. May be encountered in public bathrooms, possibly knocking on your stall.
Chachi was a raging homosexual sex fiend. Most Friday nights he could be found as a stall knocker at the bus station.
by Harold balsagna January 06, 2008
A clever and often overlooked variation of the "top shelf". This move involves one participant taking a crap in the tank of the toilet. Simultaneously, a second brave soul releives his bowel in the bowl itself.
Chachi had lost his patience with Fritz. He gathered up his new boyfriend Jerv and destroyed Fritz's bathroom with a wicked stadium seating.
by Harold Balsagna May 01, 2010
This is the logical conclusion of any proper "space docking." During the armageddon, the asstronaut craps in a woman's vagina. Following this brave act, he proceeds with vaginal intercourse. This is reminicent of splitting the asteroid in the hit movie of the same name.
Chachi knew that Jen was DTF. He didn't know for sure, but he was pretty sure he could get away with armageddon if he got her drunk enough.
by Harold Balsagna May 01, 2010

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