18 definitions by Harold

getting in on something simular to plowing with a nose. Animals that are ruttin are animals using their nose to discover something.
Pigs like to use their nose to dig up grubs.
by Harold November 30, 2003
Adj; Word meaning "Phat", "Cool", Awesome", or any form of such words
"Dude that blunt was so totally nectar i almost crapped myself"
by Harold January 14, 2004
walking out the door
WOTD, be ready because I am not going to wait, you bitch.
by Harold November 16, 2003
the word to describe the 1337 way Harold plays
you have just been sainTed!!!
OOOO you got sainTed big time
its a bird, its a plane ... nah man its THE sainT
by Harold May 08, 2005

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