18 definitions by Harold

Another word for smoking marijuana.
We'll have a party, drink a bit, and toak.
by Harold February 02, 2005
Adj; any sudden movement of the hands and arms in an unorderly and spasmic matter, is done so in great praise and excitement
Yo man i totally Thrashed hardcore after fuckin' that bitch
by Harold January 14, 2004
Trying to fuck with a limp dick
After drinking all of that Night Train, I spent the whole evening tatervining.
by Harold March 31, 2003
Be careful what you think. That Girl you are looking at might just be a guy.
sometimes you are walking around on campus and you happen to get a glimpse of a good rear end you suspect to belong to a good looking female. Upon passing "said" female you notice facial hair and a lack a breast. You think. A Guy?
by Harold January 06, 2005
A way of showing anger due to a mistake etc...
Dan:"yo, dude...you forgot to go jills on sunday"
Pete:"Oh shytenick"
by Harold October 21, 2003
Someone totally obsessed with pirates, lobsters, mantises, cockroaches, or bizarre alien combinations of all of the above.
Dazuro is such a spap!
by Harold January 15, 2005
the act of being retarted;
proverbial tense of harris
forrest gump spent most of his life enthralled in harrisment
by Harold January 28, 2005

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