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3 definitions by HarmaN

The act of inserting your nut into her vagina, performed during doggy-style anal sex.
"Dude, she finally let me give her the plumbing squirrel last night."
by Harman February 10, 2005
10 3
A lonely creature with poor etiquette. A Downfaze sticks to himself and repeats many of his phrases. It seems to have quite the attraction to genitalia and bodily fluids released when a male orgasm is reached. Stay clear of Downfazes, they travel alone and will not hesitate to attack.
"Alen reminds me of a Downfaze!"
by HarmaN February 15, 2012
0 0
used in medical circles to denote brain;
drunk eagles' fan got into a fight with a patriots' fan after the game and injured his squash; he has a poor prognosis.
by harman February 04, 2005
5 30