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Usually some type of douchbag that has no life and has to attempt to take part in your life.
These kinds of people do not like anyone or anything, they quickly snap and will stab you in the back at any time.
Crikey, better stay away from that Ranger Team right there!
by Harlots March 28, 2009
Someone who loves to do dishes, or just clean your house in general.
A real go getter, can't pass up a dirty dish anywhere.
Damn I got a lot of dirty dishes, guess I'll get some Madhead...
by Harlots March 27, 2009
A Harlots bitch, someone craving attention, a serious pothead.
Nothing of the japanese origin.
Yo, you see that kyran the other day? Fucker was driving me buggers!
by Harlots March 26, 2009

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