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A cheap champagne that comes in a bunch of different varietys.Strawberry,Peach Passion,Brut,Extra Dry,Spumante,Pink etc. Under $5 a bottle.
Yo homeboy pass me that Andre.

I'm doing it big tonight,poppin some Andre.

by Harley Folgado December 31, 2008
Hollister co.

hollister, a preppy store owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. Clothes are cheaper then abercrombie but still more expensive then they should be.

clothes have a distressed look where there are rips and tears and paint splatters on there clothes. Often worn by rich guys and girls.

usually emo and goths make fun of this type of people.
wall smoocher 123: lets go to hco today

pumpkin grabber: im gonna have to bring 250 dollars to get an extra 20 dollars!

wall smoocher 123: sounds like a good idea, im gonna get 1 pair of pants and a shirt!

pumpkin grabber: there clothes are so cool
by Harley Folgado August 17, 2005
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