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harlem starts on 110th and ends on 159th as far as blocks go. We who are from Harlem have a different persona - a different grandeur- We talk & walk different. If you see a person with an outfit you never seen before most likely "they're from Harlem." If you hear someone talking that crazy wildness you never heard before you guessed right "they're from Harlem." Harlem cats are fly our style is ridiculous which makes us unique & trendsetters we're a lil flashy, hustle prone, we get it poppin' & we got that guap what more can I say: HARLEM NEVA SAT DOWN FOR US 2 HAVE 2 STAND UP!!!!
People from harlem are trendsetters.
by Harlemsbestgirl July 23, 2006
when u eat too much and u get tired and cant do nothin but sleep.
say for instance you just ate some fried chicken and rice from the chinese spot. ya friends call you up like lets go out. but damn u just ate all that food and u now your tired. you tell your friends maybe in a half i got da itus.

pronounced. I-tus
by Harlemsbestgirl July 23, 2006
the way bloods (a gang) say pussy since they rep a 5 point star they usually replace their S's with a 5
im going to the 5tore or that nigga is pu55y
by Harlemsbestgirl July 23, 2006

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