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Wee hood who screams in pain as he waxes his funny eyebrows,while plotting wot car he should steal next.Enjoys stealing toilet roll and jam from his local college along with his greasy accomplice.Should not be trusted with a paper bag,as he will probably steal it along with ur pritt stick and go get high.Scumbags of the earth.
Here ya wee houstie where did all these napkins and cutlery come from? ya didnt rob the church cafe again did ya?!
by Harky November 20, 2003
exactly what it says on the tin
give me my pint back u big tin of flem!
by Harky October 23, 2003
slippy wee man, who will still ur shoes if ur not careful.
The man from strabane was a slippy wee man
by Harky October 10, 2003
Little man who enjoys putting facial tan on and dying his hair, ie, anything very gay.Sectarian in nature and enjoys slabbering to women.
You know what you are, you're a fuckin mckibbon. Now give your sister back her knickers and L'Oreal exfoliater, fucksake.
by Harky October 23, 2003
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