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Acronym-(Car Load Of Pussy: CLOP -pronounced as one word) used to describe a vehicle of some sort near loaded with fair to very attractive females on the prowl. Used to save conversation time with the intention of getting everyone eyes on..
Hey Jaybird, look at that C.L.O.P.
by HardyHar1 March 16, 2011
A nice place where boys retreat from their childhood fears and the Klan marches freely. Snooty types, that claim their rival is LSU even though everyone knows LSU and ARK play for the biggest trophy in college football. If you're in the business of running off mascots, heritiage, and getting your ass handed to you by Mississippi State, you will love this place.
man I'm glad Ole Miss Col Reb wasn't here to see that maroon and white ass painting we got from Dan Mulen
by HardyHar1 March 16, 2011

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