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3 definitions by Hardy

Hardy is the skilled one. he will snap you if you make him angry.
he is a tough little shit who can get away with anything.
hardy terrorises the opposition in the game of rugby and is evil.
Satan himself fears this boy.
can't be knocked down, the last person to try still hasn't woken up.
hardy has the world's largest penis.
shit your as tough as Hardy

Q.will you fight hardy?
A.fuck no
by Hardy February 28, 2005
1. Name for one with long, or unkempt hair.

2. Name for that laid back, hungry fellow with a mere 9 hairs on his chin from the well loved Scooby Doo tv show.

3. Name for one who is similar in appearance to Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

4. Name for a guy who shags around.

5. A guy from Bowness who has three of these Shaggyable qualities, and is also very shaggable.
1. "Arite Shaggy! Lovin the hair!"

2. "scooooby dooo!"

3. "Hey Shaggy, hows it hangin dude? Solved any mysteries recently?"

4. "See that guy over there, he's a bit of a Shaggy!"

5. "Shaggay!! Nice one bruvva!"
by Hardy January 02, 2005
a brother walkin thru the neighborhood, unknown to most inhabitants, but walkin and dressin sharp
man, that cat must be styles, he's stylin thru the hood like coolio
by hardy July 15, 2003