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2 definitions by Hardworking wife & mom

A father who does not provide for a family that he was part of creating. Does not have morals or a responsible enough nature to realize how difficult he is making life for his family.
My husband works and keeps his money to himself and decides what he is going to pay and when. He wanted to get married, he wanted to have children and now that we do he isn't stepping up to the plate to ensure our future. I am 6 months pregnant, we have a two year old and I work over 40 hours a week trying to make ends meet. For 4 months he made excuses as to why he was not making any money and yet he takes all the credit playing himself out to be the provider. There should be a definition for a dead beat husband who causes his wife so much grief that she wants to get a divorce and then he becomes the deadbeat father.
by Hardworking wife & mom April 30, 2004
A man who calls himself a husband yet does not fulfill his obligations as one. Neglects his home, his duties as a provider, will not help with maintaining of finances and leaves the responsibilities of the future on his wife to shoulder alone. This man also has a habit of crediting himself for all of his wife's hardwork. He also has a habit of mentally abusing his wife and acting as the superior or authority in the household.
My husband decides when and where to communicate about our family needs. He decides when a conversation is over or he isn't the one winning. He is immature and often calls me horrible names in front of our child. He puts me down in front of his family and friends and blames me for his behavior. Then when all is said and done acts like nothing ever happened painting himself as a saint in front of everyone, and threatens to make my life miserable if I do not make him a happy man.
by Hardworking wife & mom April 30, 2004