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A goodas is a excellent woman she is industrious, talented, attractive, confident she has excellent characteritics.
Isheba is a goodas girl she is a crown to her husban his heart safely trusts her she does him good not bad she is a gift of great value her worth is far above money

Pat is a goodas girl she repect her self and others in every ways that is right her ways are pleasant in the eyes of the people she is a tree of life to those that take her for a friend
#virtuous #faithful #righteous #prudent #gracious
by Hardrock54 May 06, 2009
Goat mout is what you would say a person got if they predict that something bad might happened its an old Jamaican slang
May said to her sister you can take my umbrella with you to work today I think it might rain and I don't want you getting wet and sick because I've heard that there's a very bad flu going around cause by the rain if you get all wet, but she didn't take her sis advice because she saw that it was a beautiful and sunny day but after all is said and done it rained and rained and she got wet and caught a cold

She then said to her sister you certainly got a goat mout if only I had listen to you I wouldn't be sick with the flu right now
#prediction #wishl #jinx #prophecy #vision
by Hardrock54 May 08, 2009
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