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An outgoing, energetic girl who has her own unique draw and sex appeal. Kaylynns are witty, clever and boisterous ladies with loud laughs when they are feeling good. With such a high level of intellect as well as inner and worldly knowledge combined with loads of sympathy and a kind heart to those who deserve it, Kaylynns also carry the weight on their shoulders. It's amazing they can still see the beauty in the world and have fun with all that going on. Thus, they need lots of love and often enjoy many hugs. Although they seem like the superwoman of ladies they still need to be comforted just like the rest of us. Give a Kaylynn your love, a hug, and some kind gestures and she will be yours forever. Extremely loyal. With all of this going on, there is no doubt that Kaylynns are 100% real. There is nothing fake about a real woman!
I wish I was as sexy as Kaylynn!

Everyone loves Kaylynn!

Kaylynn is so much fun to be around!

Kaylynn is the smartest lady I know!

Kaylynn is so unique and kind, yet sexy and smart too! I want to date Kaylynn!

I wish I could tell people exactly like it is like Kaylynn does. She is so real!

Kaylynn was sad yesterday because starving children in Ethiopia are eating food out of landfills.
by Hardcandy1213 June 29, 2012

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