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Although typically a Honda or Acura enthusiast, a Hardbuilder is anyone who spends a significant amount of time, energy, and money to assemble what is considered by others to be a top-notch race, show, or street car only to debut briefly on an internet forum, blog, or in a magazine and to be sold shortly thereafter. Hardbuilders are typically insecure, psychologically restless, are often unsatisfied with the results of their builds, and have strong desires to earn the respect of their peers both on the internet and in real life. Multiple builds oftentimes allow Hardbuilders the brief self-affirmation and notoriety they require in order to remain content with their perceived lack of contributions to society, if only for a brief period of time. Hardbuilders also claim to be self-inspired, taking cues from no one else. Not to be mistaken with Hardparkers, who actually use their vehicles, Hardbuilders rarely remove their vehicles from storage.
“I heard VTECbadboi1.8 just finished another $50K Hardbuild Civic. I wonder if any of these Hardbuilder's cars will ever actually see a race track?”
by Hardbuilder January 25, 2011

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