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The complete opposite of a passivist. Not only does an assivist believe in confrontation, but see it as a way of life. Often, assivists employ cruel sarcasm as a means to belittle and exploit an opposing party. In many instances this is for the sole purpose of gaining recognition and the need to inforce opinions onto others.
Jared wouldn't stop making fun of me for the way I eat my food. He's such an assivist.
by Hardbacker69 February 05, 2006
A fag who purchases the hard back cover of a book and brags about it to people who think paper back editions are not only cheaper, but less stiff. Hardbackers often live within their parents basement and play helicopter on the internet all day.
A hardbacker totally slapped me upside the head with his copy of a wizard story that is very popular while I was defenseless with my paperback edition.
by Hardbacker69 February 04, 2006
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