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Queer, faggot, fairy, homosexual, pussy boy, sweet boy, candy man, sugar britches, a friend of Pete's, asshole lover, gay, cocksucker, vine dangler, etc.
John: Hey man, you know Steve?

Bob: Yeah dude, that motherfucker acts like he's got a little sugar in his tank.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
This could be used for men or women. It means to shave the pubic area.
Baby, I ain't nibblin' on your naughty till you trim the goddamn hedges.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
This is a term used to describe a lesbian or a person that eats lots of pussy. Also known as a muff diver or bush master.
Stacy is a total fucking bush hog. She buries her face in more womb than anyone I know.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
This is a saying used by someone that is tired of another person. Usually used by a man in regards to his wife, girlfriend, or biznitch of some sort.
Boy, I tell you what, I'm like the monkey fucking the skunk, I've had about all this stinking sumbitch I can stand.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
This is more of a color in regards to underwear. Usually a faded yellow or light rust color that was brought about by sweaty days, not scrubbing one's ass on a regular basis, etc.
Butch dropped his pants and revealed his tea stained briefs.

Goddamn it's a hot motherfucker today. We're all going to have tea stains.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
This is usually found in the crack of a fat man's ass. It's when the inner ass cheeks (the ass walls) rub together and cause irritation. The hair in and around this region causes friction and may lead to the man shaving his ass completely or/and stuffing wads of toilet paper in his ass as he leaves home each morning.
Jay developed wall blisters after walking around Six Flags all day.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
This could mean a gay bar or any other place of homosexual fellowship.
Hey dude, you want to go to Club Bone tonight?

Shit no man, that's a goddamn Candy Store.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003

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