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From the pages of Viz Comic, a "special ingredient" added by a restaurant/cafe/pub chef, solely of Y-chromosome, to a dish given to a famous and/or particularly disagreeable customer, namely a restaurant critic.

Takes its name from The Sunday Times restaurant critic and sometime film director, Michael Winner. A well-known trasher of both restaurants and chefs' reputations.
"See that Michael Winner over there? He's reckoned to have ingested more Winner's Sauce than Marc Almond"
by Harbottle64 October 11, 2012
To nim is to dawdle or loiter around an object and/or innocent person, providing an obstruction of severe nuisance value.
We planned to purchase some tomato soup in the supermarket, but unfortunately were blocked by an elderly lady nimming in that particular aisle.

After lunch, Baz and his reprobate chums went off to nim about in front of the war memorial.
by Harbottle64 December 19, 2011

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