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A sad, junky town filled with knuckle-dragging idiots. It's home to a vast collection of dilapidated houses that would be bulldozed in any other city. The only reason any individual would intentionally journey into the hellhole that is Baraboo, would be to go to Walmart. You can tell a Baraboobian apart from others by their violent fits of rage that occur when they are posed with a simple math problem. They also commonly have very tangled family trees.
Cletus: I hate Reedsburg and Sauk, they be a bunch of sluts and uh....uh....what was I talking about?

Anyone with a brain: Woah, Cletus! Don't try to put that many words into a sentence, you're going to hurt yourself. You're from Baraboo, remember?

*Cletus drools with a blank stare on his face.*
by HappyBurger February 24, 2011

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