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2 definitions by Happy Bear

Noun -
Can be abbreviated as BPBP. This is a term that originated from references of outrageous beach parties that are often seen in most rap videos or coverage of a P. Diddy party.

(Used to denote wild, crazy, and rowdy. Not used as a racist term. Most rap videos that contain beach party scenes are all of the above.)
Hey man, last night I went out to the bar. When I arrived, there was hardly anyone in the place. About 30 minutes later, it turned in to a black person beach party.
by Happy Bear October 05, 2005
It's the abreviation for black person beach party. Commonly used instead of black person beach party, because it's a bit of a social faux pas. So instead use BPBP.
See black person beach party.

That party turned into an outrageous BPBP really quick.
I swear to God there was a BPBP on the bus the other week.
by Happy Bear October 06, 2005