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The act of masturbation.

Refers to ancient mythology wherein many a hero succumbed to the whims of the legendary one-eyed-python and attempted to tame the savage beast, often with sticky results.
Guy No. 1 - Hey what're you doing tonight, man?

Guy No. 2 - Taming the one-eyed-python.

Guy No. 1 - Need some help?
by HapaxHog September 16, 2013
The act of masturbation whilst under the influence of any sense-enhancing drug (wanksterbate).

Combines the rich feeling of masturbation with the raw satisfaction of wanking.
Person 1: I do like a good wank, but also a bit of masturbation.

Person 2: Hey, you should try wanksterbating, it's really something else.
by HapaxHog September 16, 2013

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