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5 definitions by Hanz Vinkler

A dreadlock formed after being in a pool/shower/lake
"I just got outta the shower and got major aqualocks"
by Hanz Vinkler August 11, 2007
2 1
Orgy of Jews, often taking place in New York City
Is all i heard from the room in which my twenty homsexual rabbis were having a jorgy.
by Hanz Vinkler August 17, 2007
4 4
A lame charecter who thinks there hella funny and makes jokes that piss people off. Usually an old Jewish man from Manhattan, but goes around saying he's from helm.
Also ends up revealing he had a really screwed up childhood with an abusive dickweed of a father.
I have a hilarious story. Once upon a time i was hilarious.The i fought a hilarious dragon. I hilariously made him laugh to death. Then i married a hilariously beutiful princess and we had a hilarious 69. Or was it 96?( im old now, i have hilariousidis) - I'm hilarious.

P. S. The story is true but replace beautiful princess with ugly rapist grandfather.
by Hanz Vinkler August 17, 2007
7 10
What a nerd says when he gets intellectually stimualated (aka a boner from a calculus problem)
An intellectual orgasm.
Yeth yeth, if you multiply a thquare number with a prime number jutht picture the pothibilitieth. YETH YETH QUITE THO!!!
by Hanz Vinkler August 17, 2007
4 10
A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge boner
resembling the Trump Tower in new york.
My aerobics teacher is so kinky that she always gives me a trump tower- I can never finish my somersault goddamnit!!!!
by Hanz Vinkler August 17, 2007
12 22