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When a girl is naturally ugly/unattractive, but acquires all the "playing cards" of being attractive in today's world, therefore passing for "hot." Playing cards include, but are not limited to: tight/hugging designer jeans, trendy hairstyle, trendy clothes, hair highlights, etc. Many many girls you see out and about are very ugly-hot.

"Damn, did you see that girl? She was hot!"

"No she wasn't bro, take a good look, her face isn't pretty. She's ugly hot"

"Whatever, she's hot enough to hit it"


by Hantuj March 12, 2007
a guy or girl who doesn't give a rat's ass about hockey from october to march, but all of a sudden cares about who is in the playoffs once they start. and actually have the nerve to try and contribute to hockey conversations. much similar to posers. nothing pisses off a hockey fan more than someone who "doesnt like hockey" one minute, and sucking hockey's dick once a bluebird flies by the window.
January 7th:
hockey fan: "man did you see the Rangers beat the Flyers last night?"

springtime hockey fan: "no, i dont really watch hockey"

April 9th:
hockey fan:"man i hope the Rangers get a high seeding"

springtime hockey fan "I KNOW RIGHT"

June 10th:
regular fan: "eh, the Rangers are out, but i hope the Penguins win it all"

springtime hockey fan: "no WAY, the Avalanche are SO good"
by Hantuj April 10, 2007
when a guy/girl is hot, chill, AND smart. a rare combination of qualities.
Man, that girl is hot as hell, chill as hell, and smart as hell, she sure is hochisma.
by Hantuj May 21, 2007

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