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Something that is bad and ridiculous at the same time.

Neither word alone can correctly describe what you are describing, and therefore you need a combination of these two words.
James: Dude, I didn't do my homework again! This is like my 3rd time...
Jason: Wow, you are terribad. Why don't you ever do your homework? That's badiculous!
James: I have to freakin eat lunch with my teacher because I didn't do my homework! Jason, why do I fail at life?
Jason: You are badiculous. What the hell is wrong with you.
by Hansoo September 18, 2008
Something that is hilarious and bad at the same time.
Teacher: This is your third time you didn't do your homework, James. Come to my class at lunch, we need to have a serious talk.

Observer Student 1: Rofl, James got owned!
Observer Student 2: LOL, seriously, that was hilaribad!
by Hansoo September 18, 2008
A nickname that is given to really cool Korean kids. They are the smartest, buffest, best-looking kids in school. They are also crazy ninjas with the fighting abilities of Chuck Norris and the bodies of Dwight Howard.
Person 1: Yo, DJ Ninja! What's up? Why are you so sexy?
DJ Ninja: It's how I roll. Sucks you can't be as sexy as me.
Person 1: I adore you. You are so cute.
DJ Ninja: Thanks babe.
by Hansoo September 18, 2008
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