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The suspicious backpack seen on college campuses everywhere on Saturday night, never filled with books or study materials. Filled with anything from a 30 of beer to handles of liquor.
Dude, are you bringing that thirty of natty ice in your Saturday night backpack later?
by HansHansHans February 10, 2009
1. A hit of marijuana that results in an instant high.
by HansHansHans September 04, 2009
Miller High Life longneck
an iced out bottle of cold gold will hit the spot
by HansHansHans February 08, 2011
A special way of smoking marijuana. A fat jibbron (joint) without a filter is rolled and placed in the bowl of a bubbler. It stays up with weed packed around the side. As the jibbron burns it resinates the weed in the bowl until it becomes a roach. Then you smoke the stickiest bowl ever. For best results use only the dankity dank.
"Get your zig zags it's time for a jibbron bowl"
by HansHansHans August 09, 2009
The state of being intoxicated by marijuana or alcohol, similar to be being blitzed/hammered/baked.
Shit look out for him he's totally hansed tonight

We have some dank nug, it's time to get hansed

by HansHansHans December 03, 2008

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