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Truly one of the best comic strips ever done, sadly it has been discontinued by its artist, Bill Watterson. Not only does the comic bring something of an amazing vocabulary to a medium usually lacking in that division, but it is also hilariously funny, and often times cute.

The protagonist is Calvin, a six year old that enjoys torturing his teen-aged babysitter, and romping in the woods with his best friend, Hobbes. They have fun by holding top-secret GROSS meetings in their treehouse, and throwing various assortments of things at Susie, the focus of Calvin's frustration at times.

The side-kick of sorts is Calvin's stuffed tiger, which, at least in his imagination, is a real tiger that likes tuna fish sandwhiches, and steals his covers in bed. Also loves to have his belly rubbed

Basically, if you haven't read anything of the C and H variety, your life is lacking...

n/v (a calvin and hobbes/ calvin and hobbesed) something ridiculous, and potentially dangerous. (aka backing a car out of the driveway and into the ditch, riding a flimsy wagon off the edge of a cliff, throwing ice/snow balls at girls)
The Chicago Tribune still runs Calvin and Hobbes strips.

I just Calvin and Hobbesed... I jumped off a bridge and swam in sub-zero water!!!
by Hans le Noir December 03, 2005
The daily webcomic by the creators of Toothpastefordinner and Natalie Dee, generally a little off-the-wall and at least chuckle-invoking. Each update is a Victorian-style drawing (thing) with the punchline generally being delivered by the text.

"MTTS" debuted February 13, 2006 and has gained considerable popularity, or so one would think. There is a store where you can buy bags or shirts for a decent price, like TPFD and ND.

"Oh god. People are still reading Hamlet? Jesus. I wrote that shit in like one fortnight. I owed some people some money, you know what I'm saying? Shakespeare got to get paid, son."

The first Married to the Sea comic, with the above quote next to a picture of Shakespeare.
by Hans le Noir October 22, 2006
A muppet song performed by the infamously hobo-esque Mahna Mahna, that has been re-created with no Snowths (those were the weird, pink, cow-like singers in the original Mahna Mahna sketch), and instead with two muppet-females with rather long hair.

What many people don't actually know is that the song is apparently taken from a Swiss porno, which leaves many to wonder, just what the heck Jim Henson was doing when he came across the song.

Basically, it's classic.
Mahna Mahna
Do doo be-do-do
Mahna Mahna
Do do-do do
Mahna Mahna
Do doo be-do-do be-do-do be-do-do be-do-do-doodle do do do-doo do!
(Improv. by Mahna Mahna)
Repeat Chorus
(Improv. by Mahna Mahna)
Repeat Chorus
(Improv. by Mahna Mahna)
Repeat Chorus
(Improv. by Mahna Mahna)
Repeat Chorus twice
by Hans le Noir October 05, 2005
A merger of the words internet and graffiti. Inspired moments ago by the urbandictionary wall. Yeah, aren't I creative? Anyway, something to the effect of leaving your mark somewhere for all to see, for good or bad. Sort of like blogs, only most people don't read them because it's like reading someone's diary, after they shoved it in your face. (though I will admit, some blogs are interesting... others just suck)

Pronounced ne-fee-tee (like ne in never, fee is what you pay (occasionally preceeded by "late," and tee, like a shirt, or what you hit golf balls off of if you don't want to screw up the grass)
Dood, I love bloggin, I am such a neffiti artist!

No you aren't, you're just a stupid kid with a privacy problem.

Shup man, don't hate my neffitism.

I don't hate your stoopid neffitism, it's your friggin' feminism that pisses me off!
by Hans le Noir November 23, 2005
People that drive and don't use turn signals, tailgate, and do other rather annoying things along those lines.

People that suck at marching but act like god.
That fidiot almost made me get in an accident!

Agh! So and so made me miss my drill move! What a fidiot!
by Hans le Noir September 25, 2005
Besides the well-known term used for the description of something that amplifies people's voices (or grunts) with the intent mainly being on annoying everyone in a 1 mile radius.

To the same effect, a megaphone is also a person that thinks the person on the receiving end of the phone conversation must be deaf, or they are at a rave, so their voice must overcome all other noises. No matter what, their grating utterances find their way into your brain, often causing it to melt completely, or if you are lucky, cause your cells to spontaneously combust. If you are not lucky, then you are left alive, and must live with these people until you are so old that you do go deaf, or fall down a stairwell and (due to the immense friction created), spontaneously combust.

You will know these "megaphones" when you see them, as they talk rather loudly (even when off the phone), and often resemble small useless animals. Like poodles. They are mainly self-important individuals that think they are the sole creator of the universe, and of course, their opinions are fact, up is down, and left is actually right.

I have a sneaking suspicion these devils are somehow connected with the big brother.

There is no cure, short of eliminating all said individuals, and or taking out their vocal cords (or tongue).
"Oh crap, I just got done talking to a megaphone, and I think she blew my zarking eardrums out! aieeee!"
by Hans le Noir December 22, 2005
Origins- technology, newbie (noob, n00b, etc)
pronunciation- tek-new-b

A person that knows little to nothing about computers, or other devices that make humming noises and have various buttons. Best examplified in Roger Fox of the Foxtrot comic strip, he could deftly delete the hard drive in a few clicks of the mouse. Dilbert's The Pointy Haired Boss is another good example, as he is easily fooled into thinking an "Etch-a-Sketch" board is a laptop computer.

More often than not, they are a baby boomer, or somewhere in between 40 and 80 years of age, though people younger than 12 have often exibited the symptoms. If someone has trouble turning a computer or other electronic device on or off, can't figure out how to use it when it is on, or wonders what this or that does, they are a technoob.

What to do if you encounter one- First of all, remove the device from his or her hands, and hide it behind your back. (in the case of a computer, turn off the monitor if possible, or quickly shut it down) If you are lucky, they will quickly forget what they were doing within seconds, and go hammer on something or ask you if rocketdial has really sent people to the moon. If they seem like they are going to erase all of the memory on your computer, or install viruses, it is best to take them out with something they can understand- a baseball bat. If nothing works, may the force be with you. (tazers usually work quite well)
College student- AIIII! My little sister just opened my spam folder and opened all of the e-mails and now my computer's meeelllting!

Security person- Fear not, I brought my tazer to work today. :)

College Student- Ahh! Thank you for saving me from the technoob!
by Hans le Noir January 29, 2006
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