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Text talk acronym for "if you're intersted?"
"Hey we're gonna smoke out then tease out our hair before the Def Leppard show tonight IYI."
by Hans Delbrook December 24, 2009
Short for the best lesbian prison show on Netflix called "Orange is the New Black"
Hey wanna go out tonight?

No, the new OITNB season starts at midnight, I'm gonna have a marathon.
by Hans Delbrook June 15, 2014
A person that looks good from a distance and makes you say, "Ooooh" but when you get closer and their ugliness comes into clear view you yell, "hell NO!!!"
So I was about to go holla at this fine dime I saw at the bar but she ended up being a straight up Uno, and was like damn girl you gonna have to find a dude with some strong beer goggles before anyone takes your fugly ass home tonight.
by Hans Delbrook December 28, 2009

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