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A Scene Kid Is A Trendy Emo Kid.

These Creepy Teenaged Children Revolve Thier Lives Around Myspace, Teenaged Angst, And Listening To Brand New. Scene Kids Tipically Have Tight Pants, Gauged Ears, Nike Dunk Shoes, and Piercings On Thier Face. Scene kids also have crazy hair, their hair is usually multicolor, and cut on layers, leaving it messy, thier hair is usually parted at a far side, and lays diagonally across thier face.

There Are Multiple Types Of "Scene Kids":

1. Emo Scene Kid - Your Generic Emo Kid, Listens To My Chemical Romance, And Aiden. Usually Has Black Nail Polish And Eye Liner.
(example: Gerard Way, Randy Romance)

2. Hardcore Scene Kid - The Scene Kids Who Think They Are Hardcore. These usually have piercings on thier face, and listen to bands like Every Time I Die, and Bring Me The Horizon.
(example: Oli Sykes, Keith Buckley)

3. Glamor Scene Kid - This type of scene usually only occurs in girls, or homosexual boys (jeffree star). These are girls who dye thier hair pink, and bleech blonde, they are very stylish, and they listen to bands like Porcelian And The Tramps and Jeffree Star.
(example: Audrey Kitching, Izzy Hilton)

4. Myspace Scene Kid - This Is Probobly The Wierdest Type Of Scene Kid. Myspace Scene Kids are scene kids (or normal kids, it really doesnt matter), who have amazing myspace pictures, that they took themselves. The Pictures look like they are done by a professional photographer, yet, it was taken by them and edited on photoshop. These people usually have a redicoulous amount of friends on myspace, and a billion picture comments. They do not follow any trend and can look however they please.
Scene Kid 1: OMG!! Did You See HannaBeth's New Myspace Pic!?!?!?!?

Scene Kid 2: YES!!! I Was The First To Comment It!

Scene Kids 1: REALLY!?!?!? Did She Comment Back?

Scene Kid 2: Nope....

Scene Kid 1: Oh...Wanna Go Put Hairspray In Our Hair And Make Ourselves More Scene Than We Already Are

Scene Kid 2: Yea, And Then We Can Join Some Straightedge Groups On Myspace.

Scene Kid 1: We're So Scene

Scene Kid 2: Scene X core
by Hannible January 23, 2008

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