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2 definitions by Hannburger

1. A word used to describe a real annoying shithead

2. A word used when frustrated, and wanting to avoid swear word, with an extra "AH" pronounced on the end.
1. This guy stole my nail clippers. Whatta poozah.

2. *A little kid runs into a clown, who crashes into a t-shirt stand, which rolls down a hill, which triggers a button in a nucleur power plant, creating a chemical reaction, blowing up the world and killing everone except a laid-back man and a nun.*

Not want to act rude infront the the nun, the man needed a non-swear word to express his frustration concerning the incident.

Man: *sigh* "POOZAH!"
by Hannburger August 29, 2009
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O-M Geezy is another was of saying omg, which is another way of saying oh my god/oh my gosh/oh my goodness.
Frankenstines Creater: "O-M GEEZY! IT'D ALIVEEEEEE!"
by Hannburger August 29, 2009
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