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Bryan is a guy who likes a lot of things. He is smart, hilarious, cute, nice, and most of all he is the best friend you could ever have..... Well if you want to date him he will say yes to most girls=] Well he is energetic and loves a lot of friends=] so go and find a Bryan and say "hi=]"
Melissa: " Hey did you see Bryan. I think he likes me?=]"
Faith: "Melissa I don't think he likes you....."
Melissa:"What he has to he follows me around everywhere!!!"

Faith: " Well i think he likes me=]"
Melissa: "Well go and talk to him=l"
Faith:"okay if its okay for you????"
Melissa : "Its OK!!!!!! GO NOW!!!!"
by HannahFaith =] June 12, 2009

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