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Slang name for Macon, Georgia.
I was born in Columbus, Georgia but grew up in Mactown.
by Hannah March Campbell April 05, 2006
One of the many names for New Orleans, Louisiana. This name comes from the way the Mississippi River shapes the land where New Orleans is located; the river causes the major downtown and uptown areas of New Orleans to form a crescent shape.

This term is also used as a name for the toll bridge over the Mississippi River from New Orleans to the West Bank: "The Crescent City Connection."
Hurricane Katrina really hit the crescent city hard.
by Hannah March Campbell April 05, 2006
The various marks which show up in a xerox copy that have no origin in the original image, usually consisting in small dots or lines of gray or black.
I tried to make a copy of the official form look like an original, but all the xerox chatter gave it away.
by Hannah March Campbell April 05, 2006
A conte crayon or chalk drawing using white conte/chalk in a way that makes the drawing look too "slick," often as a result of using too much of the white.

This term was coined by Sandy C., a life Drawing Proff. at Tulane University.
I was just going to add a few white highlights, but I got carried away and my drawing turned into a velvet elvis.
by Hannah March Campbell April 05, 2006
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